Want Some Instrumental Wedding Songs?

by dave

Instrumental Wedding SongsWant to have an instrument play in your wedding ceremony but need ideas before booking a musician?

Including an instrument in your church wedding ceremony is a wonderful way help set the mood for this joyous occasion. Instrumental wedding songs give your ceremony lots of character and can really “personalize” it.

There’s endless music to choose from. So I have some ideas to get you started if you’re considering having instrumental wedding songs in your ceremony.

For this list of ideas, I’ll mainly focus on pieces written for a single solo instrument, with and without accompaniment (by organ or piano). Because chances are, if you’re going to have an instrument, it will be just one. I’ll save pieces written for multiple instruments (such as for a string quartet) for another article.

Of course, there are many, many more pieces and instruments than I could ever list here. You’re not limited to these suggestions. With creativity and help from your musicians, your instrumental choices can grow and will seem as endless as the music you can choose from.

So use this list only as a starting point rather than a list your choices must be made from!

So here are ideas for instrumental wedding songs to get you started. They’re mostly well-known but I included a few lesser-known pieces (depending on your feedback, I could list a wider variety of lesser-known pieces in a future article).

I included a few example preview links to iTunes Music Store recordings, (though not necessarily for the recommended instruments – you’ll have to use your imagination!). If you find these helpful, you’ll be happy to know that my Guide to Selecting Memorable Church Wedding Music) includes preview links for almost all suggestions!

  • Handel: La Réjouissance from Royal Fireworks Music (trumpet)
  • Albinoni: Adagio in G Minor (violin, cello, oboe, flute, trumpet)
  • Purcell: Ciacona in G Minor (organ or piano plus violin)
  • Bach: Arioso (flute, violin, classical guitar)
  • Bach: Ave Maria (flute, harp, classical guitar)
  • Handel: Air from Water Music Suite #1 in F (violin, oboe, flute, trumpet)
  • Handel: Arioso (“Thanks Be To Thee”) (flute, violin)
  • Mozart: Laudate Dominum (from Solemn Vespers) (flute, violin)
  • Bach: Wachet Auf (“Wake, Awake for Night is Flying”) (violin, cello, trumpet)
  • Bach: Nun danket alle Gott (“Now Thank We All Our God”) (trumpet)

More to come soon!

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What else?

What other good instrumental wedding songs have you heard? Please leave a comment to share them with us all. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!

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Michael Costa January 5, 2010 at 5:51 am

Classical music is indeed the best choice!


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