Are You Following These Stress-Free Wedding Music Planning Steps?

by dave

A Wedding Music Checklist (Part 1)Are you afraid of your wedding music?

Planning the music for a wedding ceremony—especially your wedding ceremony—can be a daunting task.

For some, planning a church wedding ceremony can be especially frightening. You probably feel more intimidated than if you were planning something not as formal. A church wedding comes with so many requirements, traditions, and expectations, including music you might not know anything about.

Don’t let it be more complicated than it needs to be!

With a little help, it won’t be so bad. If you don’t yet have a copy of the checklist that comes with our church wedding music how-to guide, the information below can help you get started. But the checklist has six pages of detailed things to keep you from forgetting to do (and the guide explains it all and provides lots of tips). All this will help make your ceremony music a joy-filled and memorable experience!

There’s lots to do, but here’s how to keep it all straight

Up till now, you might not have been sure how to even get started. It’s true that there are many little things to be concerned about (as is also the case with other parts of your wedding day planning).

Fortunately, ceremony music planning can be broken down into a series of steps, so that you need not worry about everything all at once. This approach breaks down your work into manageable chunks.

These steps guide you through the planning process but are not intended to be a strictly-followed procedure.

In other words, they’re meant to help simplify your planning, not complicate it by only allowing you to address something at a certain time.

Step 1

Start off with the basics. Where are you getting married and when? How big will the ceremony be? Learn what your church’s expectations are regarding music. Figure out what you want the general character of the music to be. How much music will you need to find?

Step 2

Start exploring music ideas and make some initial choices. Roughly piece together ceremony music choices that give you the ceremony character you’re looking for.

Step 3

Get the musicians who will make this ceremony music reality for you!

Step 4

With your musicians, finalize your music choices (picking out additional music first, of course).

Step 5

Keep an eye on things in the weeks and months until your ceremony nears to make sure that progress is being made.

Step 6

Take care of all the last-minute details.

Is that all?

If that’s all there is to do, you might be wondering why I have this whole site dedicated to the subject of planning church wedding music and offer a guidebook to help you.

Obviously, it’s the details. None of the steps are complicated from a common-sense perspective, but knowing how to accomplish them is another story.

That’s where I want to use our experience as church wedding musicians to help you sort it all out.

You can learn more about easily getting started by checking out Church Wedding Music 101: 3 free videos that introduce you to the topic of church wedding music!

Get the guide.

Think about these steps and whether you have the expertise to do them all yourself.

Remember, the steps apply even if you want your musicians to pick out music for you (well OK, I guess if you want the musicians to pick out everything for you, then two of the six steps can be skipped).

Think about getting the guide to help you. The checklist, sample ceremonies, and hundreds of music ideas ought to be enough to convince you. The money-back satisfaction guarantee means it’s my problem, not yours, if it’s not helpful to you!

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Jordan Wilson April 17, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Hello Dave,
Great Work done. You explained the topic with steps, I liked it most.
I read all ,and I think each and every step should be taken care of.
Sixth is the most important step according to me.


samantha caswell June 15, 2012 at 8:50 pm

i loved your list of music and it was just what i was looking for especially o holy night we willl use for the lighting of the unity candle thanks!


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