Be Bold With Your Wedding Prelude Music!

by dave

Be Bold With Your Wedding Prelude Music!From the first note played at your ceremony until the last, your wedding music choices will say something about you. You get to choose what that statement is.

Starting with that first note, the music played before your ceremony begins helps your guests focus on what is to come by establishing the mood you’ve selected.

Wedding prelude music helps achieve your goal of creating a wedding ceremony that is a memorable reflection of you (see my article “The Secret to Making Your Wedding Uniquely Yours”). Prelude music for weddings lets you have this at the same time as anticipation for the ceremony reaches its peak! Your guests can hear the music you’ve selected without distraction (nothing else is going on yet). This makes the music highly effective at setting your desired mood.

Wedding music is so much more than simply background filler or “music to be seated by”.

Some people don’t have any wedding prelude music or don’t think it’s important enough to bother with much of their attention. I suppose if their attitude is that its only purpose is covering up silence, then maybe they’re right.

Some people may tell you that the music before the ceremony needs to be quiet, non-distracting. I even saw one wedding guidebook recommend that it “blend into the background”.

Don’t listen to them!

Moods & styles

Following the advice of someone who thinks the music should blend into the background won’t get you to your goal of a memorable ceremony filled with music that is a reflection of you. The depiction of you that this would reflect would be of a person that blends into the background!

Prelude music certainly can be quieter than other, more festive parts of the service, but it does not need to be quiet. You’re not trying to bore people, after all.

Remember, the purpose is to set the mood for what is to come, not to provide background music for people to chat or be seated to.

The mood you use does not need to be the same from beginning to end. You can have as much or as little variety as you choose (variety is a good thing!).

As you are selecting your various styles, don’t forget to consider how the music at the end of the prelude (right before the ceremony starts) blends in or contrasts with (depending on your preference) your processional music.

Wedding prelude music ideas

Part two of this article is all about wedding prelude music ideas. I’ll offer dozens of prelude songs for wedding ceremonies for you to choose from.

Any thoughts? Please leave a comment. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!

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