A Sample Wedding Ceremony

by dave

A Sample Wedding CeremonyLet me show you a sample wedding ceremony.

If you need more, you can find 30 pages of sample ceremonies with my Guide to Selecting Memorable Church Wedding Music.

I want to take a closer look at one of them in this post in the hope that it will help you as you put yours together.

Click on the thumbnail image below to see the sample wedding ceremony and then the rest of the article will discuss it.

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Sample wedding ceremony:

To protect everyone involved, I changed all personal details – names, city, date, even the name of the church. I reconstructed the ceremony here from the original program. What you see is a page from the bonus materials that come with the Guide.

Let’s take a look at this sample wedding ceremony

I want to point out a few things about the ceremony. Not as a critique, but to help possibly connect it to your situation and give you ideas.

  • The ceremony style is traditional and very simple.
  • Note the use of two hymns. This is a nice way to reinforce that churches consider wedding ceremonies to be worship!
  • The music is pretty sparse. I’ll bet this was a smaller wedding – but not so small that hymns couldn’t be sung (hymns with a very small number of guests might make some feel awkward). Using a hymn in place of a vocal solo can be a nice way to get around finding a soloist.
  • The preservice music is brief: it probably began about 5 minutes before the ceremony started.
  • No recessional music is not listed. I’m not sure why. Was this an oversight? Was the couple still undecided when the programs needed to be printed?
  • There’s also no postlude. Maybe this was a smaller wedding. Skipping postludes is one of my recommendations for smaller weddings.

What you can get from this sample wedding ceremony are some ideas for structuring a simple, traditional-style wedding ceremony. You can also use it as a reference for a smaller wedding ceremony. Check out this article for thoughts on effective music in smaller weddings.

Remember this is just one sample wedding ceremony. The Guide contains lots more!

Your examples

I’d love to see other examples of wedding ceremonies (small or not). Help out fellow readers by posting details from your wedding or a sample wedding ceremony or two that you have laying around and used as an example.

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