A Wedding Music Checklist (Part 1)Are you afraid of your wedding music?

Planning the music for a wedding ceremony—especially your wedding ceremony—can be a daunting task.

For some, planning a church wedding ceremony can be especially frightening. You probably feel more intimidated than if you were planning something not as formal. A church wedding comes with so many requirements, traditions, and expectations, including music you might not know anything about.

Don’t let it be more complicated than it needs to be!

With a little help, it won’t be so bad. If you don’t yet have a copy of the checklist that comes with our church wedding music how-to guide, the information below can help you get started. But the checklist has six pages of detailed things to keep you from forgetting to do (and the guide explains it all and provides lots of tips). All this will help make your ceremony music a joy-filled and memorable experience! [Read the full article…]


Not starting your planning early enough to accomplish everything is the biggest cause of wedding music stress.

Church musicians I’ve talked to report that too many couples wait too long to contact them about wedding music arrangements.

One or two months before the wedding is very late to be starting to talk about music and does not leave couples with many options.

For more on making arrangements for wedding music, see these articles on meeting with your church and your church musician.

You’ve got a lot to do

From the couple’s perspective, this is completely understandable. It’s easy for couples to be preoccupied with other wedding day details. There is a lot of work to do. [Read the full article…]


A Money- and Sanity-Saving Tip Before You Hire Wedding MusiciansI have a tip for you today that could save you some money. And perhaps quite a bit of stress too!

It’s really easy to get ahead of yourself when starting to plan your wedding ceremony.

After all, there’s so much to do and you’re tremendously excited.

Don’t get ahead of yourself
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More Wedding Music SamplesIf you’re feeling overwhelmed by the wedding ceremony music planning you need to do, maybe you need some wedding music samples!

You’ve got so many decisions to make planning your wedding. Sometimes, you need a little help or inspiration. Sometimes that can be nothing more than seeing what others have done.

Here are sample wedding ceremony music listings. Maybe these examples will help you get past any feelings of being overwhelmed.

Ideas and inspiration from wedding music samples

These wedding ceremony samples are all from real-world weddings. [Read the full article…]


Don’t Miss Out On Your Once-in-a-Lifetime OpportunityDon’t miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to communicate your joy in a way words cannot express.

Lots of work is ahead

Whether you have been engaged or just got engaged over the holidays, if you have a wedding coming up this year you already know just how much work you have to do in the coming months!

Preparing for your wedding day is no small project. You need to plan a reception, the ceremony, rehearsal dinners, dealing with out-of-town guests, attire, gifts, decorations, and the list goes on. Each of these by itself can be a major project.

This is your chance to express yourself

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How to Plan Wedding Ceremony Music

If you’re planning a church wedding for 2011 and starting to think about music, here’s a summary of how to plan your wedding ceremony music.

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More Combinations of Wedding Processional Songs

If you’re getting married and planning on two pieces of processional music for your ceremony (one for the bridal party and one for the bride), that not only means two pieces of music to choose, but they also have to work well together! Here are some ideas to help.

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This Year’s Most-Popular Church Wedding Music Articles to Help Your 2014 Wedding

If you’re just getting started planning music for your church wedding or if you just found Wedding Music Unveiled, here’s our most popular articles. They’ve helped many other couples plan their church weddings, why not let them help your 2011 wedding also?

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Music Ideas for Christmas Weddings

Here are some tasteful music ideas that will bring a Christmas atmosphere to your church wedding ceremony.

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How Will You Plan Your Church Wedding Music?

Imagine that at your upcoming wedding ceremony, every single piece of music was exactly right for the moment and was exactly as you chose it. How do you achieve this?

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